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Samsong Research and Technology District

Samsong Bromex
Goyang, Korea
34 hectares
Heerim Architects & Planners Co. Ltd.
Planning and Urban Design
Additional Services
Landscape Architecture
completed August 2009

The Samsong Greens Urban District Plan establishes a comprehensive development strategy for Samsong Bromex, a growing and dynamic Korean media company. The overall vision for the site is to create a distinct identity for Samsong Bromex by integrating the various programmatic elements with natural systems and sustainability strategies at both site and building levels to create a vibrant, mixed-use live-work community. The Samsong Greens will be the heart of both the district and the larger urban context of Goyang. The district will include media production facilities, corporate offices, retail spaces, cultural areas, recreational facilities, and advanced technology digital media research and development areas known as urban factories.

As part of Samsong Bromex’s employment and intellectual resource strategy, employees from across Korea are given the opportunity to spend time working in Samsong Greens complex. Office-tels—a hybrid of hotels and work places—offer innovative live-work environments to such employees. Citizens of Goyang are welcomed to the district and its open grid and public space system encourages shared activities between the company and the community. The site is located within easy walking distance of an existing transit station.

The urban design framework consists of a street and block structure that provides a fine-grained network of connectivity between the district components and the adjacent context. A series of linear parks that run north to south give each parcel within the development a unique location and an address along these green spines. This is reinforced tree plantings designed to give each street a unique character. Such place-making strategies help increase the economic and social value of each development parcel within the district.

The heart of the new district takes the form of two major public spaces—the central Media Park and the smaller, more urban Fountain Plaza. These spaces are supplemented by the Multi-Playground and stadium and recreation building, which encourage communal activities between different entities within the development. The rest of the district is composed of two building typologies—low-rise buildings with internal courtyards and green roofs and a series of towers.

Sasaki integrated sustainable strategies throughout the district. A series of pedestrian pathways, bridges, and courtyards connect the parcels and primary public spaces and also make strong connections to the river park and the transit station to create a pedestrian-friendly and accessible development. The site engages with the city’s Changreung River restoration plan as well the proposed linear park system to the south. A critical aspect of the district plan is the storm water management strategy. This element is designed to harness water resources and improve the water quality released into the river. The project incorporates a water mitigation strategy known as a Site Integrated Monsoon Management System (SIMMS).

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