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Engaging innovative lighting systems in a flexible, inclusive working environment

Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions

Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions
Burlington, MA
50,000 SF
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Interior Design
Completed October 2009
International Interior Design Association Design Awards, Best in Show
International Design Association Design Awards, Best office, 20,000 – 80,000 SF

Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions (PSSLS) is a pioneer in diverse applications of energy-saving LED lighting technologies. The company engaged Sasaki to design their new 50,000-square-foot headquarters, which serves several functions: a showroom for displaying the firm’s innovative lighting systems, an administrative headquarters, and a laboratory for testing, research, and development of new products. Sasaki’s design offers an inventive way of showcasing the research and products. High versatility and adaptability supports products yet to be designed and developed. The space also encourages the innovation, collaboration, and communication necessary to succeed as a cutting-edge technology company. The design breaks down the barrier between creative and administrative functions, casting all 200 plus employees as innovators and participants in the company’s mission. The space is not just a place in which to work, but a tool of the work itself.

The key strategy in the development for PSSLS’s headquarters was to create an environment that would highlight the company’s portfolio of creative lighting solutions. The office space itself becomes a flexible, working environment, showcasing products, creativity, and research. Circulation is designed to allow visitors views of research and testing areas as well as the showroom and administrative areas—all lit by PSSLS’s LED lighting. This gives visitors a full spectrum of the versatility of the products in a variety of different locations and applications. All of the lighting applications are controlled by computer and can be adjusted at any time. The space is simple and elegant with a neutral color palette.

The space contributes to the company’s functionality by being extremely flexible. There are a small number of different office and workstation types, allowing for a minimal amount of reconfiguration as the company grows and reorganizes. An open Unistrut system allows engineers to hang, check, modify, and compare multiple new lighting products in their workspace. Sasaki designed the electrical infrastructure to be flexible so that ultimately PSSLS can integrate successful new products into their workspace. In the ground floor showroom, movable walls and plug and play ceilings allow designers to test multiple lighting scenarios at any time.

Sasaki also designed PSSLS’s new space to strongly reflect their corporate culture of inclusiveness. The administrative and research functions have been consolidated from multiple floors to a single floor and the groups share conference, amenity, and gathering spaces. Private offices are reduced in favor of more open work areas. Not only is the space more supportive of day-to-day operations and meetings, but also it greatly increases the opportunities for informal interactions which lead to new ideas and productivity.

For more information contact Victor Vizgaitis.

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