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Moscow International Financial Centre

Finex Ltd.
Moscow, Russia
313 hectares
Planning and Urban Design
Additional Services
Landscape Architecture
Completed February 2012

Sasaki’s plan for a new, mixed-use urban district on the outskirts of Moscow is a bold, compelling vision for the city and a model of sustainable development for Russia. As Russia becomes more open to global commerce, development projects such as this International Finance Centre are critical indicators of the country’s future competitiveness and its ability to attract major capital. Moscow—and by extension all of Russia—stands to benefit significantly from Sasaki’s master plan. The district will be a 24/7 living and working environment as well as a new symbol of Russia’s powerful economic growth in the 21st century.

Sasaki’s scheme provides a unique, sustainable, and authentic urban design plan that is directly related to the site and regional urban transportation pattern. The plan accommodates over 5.5 million square meters of development with buildings ranging from 3 to 30 stories tall, with landmark towers at 40 stories and higher. Residential, office, commercial, educational, and civic amenities are all embedded into the plan.

Two key landscape features provide the poetic backdrop that will make this urban district unlike any other in the world. The first is a new central park that stretches from the existing lake at the west of the site to the river in the east. The park acts as the focus of the development and provides an iconic green space for all of Moscow. The second landscape feature that defines Sasaki’s plan is a forest of trees that majestically weaves around the periphery of district, providing a stunning foreground for development and a wealth of public recreation programs.

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