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Monitor New York

Monitor Group
New York, NY
50,000 SF
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Interior Design
Additional Services
Completed February 2008

For more than a decade, Sasaki has worked with Monitor on the design of its office spaces. All of Monitor’s offices have consistent space standards, but each feature unique identities that are rooted in the context of their location and climate. For New York, it was important to offer employees and visitors a dynamic Manhattan experience. Sasaki worked with Monitor to review and assess numerous site alternatives. In addition to location, efficiency, image, and views, each building was judged for lease depth, amount of perimeter glazing, and the ratio of square footage to linear feet of glazing to ensure copious natural light in the workspace. Monitor selected the two top floors of a prominent financial district tower, which offers stunning views of city landmarks in all directions. Sasaki then embarked on creating a sophisticated design that emphasizes transparency to maximize the panorama. From the solid interior of the building, all spaces open up to the city—creating an airy, outwardly-focused feel. The resulting space is distinctively New York.

The office’s first impression and most celebratory space is a newly carved out double-height reception area facing north with dramatic views uptown to Midtown Manhattan. A white steel and glass stairway veiled by a sheer sculptural curtain functions as the main connecting element between the newly joined floors. A wood ribbon on the floors, walls, and ceiling winds through the reception and its adjacent conference rooms, subtly defining this two-story zone as the main public client space.

Throughout the working zones of the office, Monitor’s egalitarian spirit is reflected in the transparent shared offices along the outer perimeter while the prime corner spaces are reserved for conference rooms and other common uses. View corridors and glass partitions ensure that the views are shared by all staff and visitors alike. An employee kitchen and lounge on the upper floor operates throughout the day and night as both a collaborative and social space overlooking New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty to the south.

For more information contact Victor Vizgaitis.

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