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Emerald Networks: Reviving the Legacy of City Parks

Northeastern University
Boston, MA
Completed March 2015

Cities with park systems designed by historic visionaries are endowed with a legacy of generous, well-connected open spaces. However, the financial pressures facing today’s cities, along with new thinking about park use, can challenge these historic frameworks. Emerald Networks: Reviving the Legacy of City Parks explores how cities are innovating within historic park visions to meet contemporary needs.

This research initiative examines case studies of six cities with historically planned park systems: Boston, Chicago, Hartford, Minneapolis, Raleigh, and Washington, DC. Emerald Networks explores how these cities are building on their legacy plans with innovative contemporary projects focused on the principles of sustainability and resiliency, active programming and use, community connectivity, social equity, economic development, and rethinking infrastructure. The research initiative and exhibition build on Sasaki’s expertise in park system planning for cities across the country.

Emerald Networks was on view at Northeastern University’s Gallery 360. This exhibition is sponsored by Sasaki in collaboration with the Humanities Center, the Northeastern Center for the Arts, the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, and the College of Arts, Media and Design.

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