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A new paradigm for riverfront development in Denver, Colorado, the Denargo Market will activate the South Platte River through dynamic and sustainable public realm

Denargo Market Public Realm

Golub Development, FORMATIVE Development
Denver, CO
15 acres
Tryba Architects
Landscape Architecture

Sasaki is currently working with Golub, FORMATIVE, and Tryba Architects to activate the future Denargo Market District along the river’s edge with arts, recreation, and retail.

The urban design framework, by Tryba Architects, is complemented with a public realm vision that seeks to create a riverfront district unlike anything else in Denver. The new riverfront park includes daily life amenities like a community garden, dog park, and children’s adventure playground while also providing a dynamic central gathering space with flexible lawn and plaza, a large interactive water feature, and a signature “climbing Rhino”. This project will also provide a critical connection between Downtown and Commons Park to the North and the new RINO Promenade to the South.

Sasaki is providing comprehensive public realm planning and design services to develop concepts for all streets, parks, plazas, and alleyways as well as system wide approaches to stormwater management and public art. The inspiration for much of the design is born out of the site’s history, its location within RINO, and its prominent location along the South Platte River. The design elements blend together historic nostalgia and contemporary expression to create a place where “urban meets wild meets industrial”. This blend will set Denargo Market apart from other districts within the city while pulling in character from the surrounding neighborhoods.

The design of the riverfront park contends with a number of technical issues include several large underground utilities, a highly variable floodplain, a complex overlay of maintenance and ownership boundaries, and a steep transition for circulation. The design utilizes these site constraints as a framework driver simultaneously creating a plan that is pragmatic while also create a riverfront park unlike anything else in Denver. Along the edge of the riverfront park the new Platte River Loop will be a shared street condition with retail and food& beverage overlooking the river.

The Market Row, which connects the newly improved Brighton Blvd to the riverfront park is also designed as a signature destination. Pulling ques from the sites history as a market place, flexibility is built into the very DNA of this shared street. The corridor consist of three spaces, each with their own dynamic quality. The Water Plaza serves as both a stage of events as well as a daily use. A large overhead structure resembles that market stalls that once covered the site. The Retail Street provides amble space for outdoor eating while also providing stormwater management facilities. The Urban Pause is a small oasis with a large-scale artist water feature and overhead lighting display.

For more information contact Mark Dawson or Joshua Brooks.

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